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Tenneal & Jay

Amidst the enchanting landscapes of the Gold Coast, The Valley Estate recently played host to a wedding that epitomized elegance and romance. Adorned in classic white and green florals with ambient candles casting a soft glow, the setting was nothing short of magical.

The ceremony was a vision of beauty, framed by two full floral plinths that adorned the chapel window. As the couple exchanged vows against this picturesque backdrop.Transitioning seamlessly into the reception, the floral plinths found a new purpose framing the bride and groom at the head table. Surrounded by loved ones and the gentle flicker of candlelight, the newlyweds radiated happiness and joy.

Ready to bring your own love story to life through captivating florals? Contact us to start planning your dream wedding.

Wedding Venue: The Valley Estate

Photography: Meadowlane Visuals

Makeup: Xenia Elise

Hair: Natalie Lucas Bridal

Gown: Sphere Bridal

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