Winter Bridal Shower

We recently got to create an intimate bridal shower in the park under the amazing Queensland winter sunshine. We kept the colours quite neutral with touches of soft pink and peach amongst the floral arrangement draping down the centre of the tables. Touches of gold in the cutlery and crockery garnished the table with candles and champagne glasses on hand to complete the table setting. The beautiful and lush tree line created the perfect shade with small touches of sunlight peaking through to add extra warmth.

If you have have a bridal shower, hens or want to create something special to ask your bridesmaids, get in touch to see how we can help. For any further information on this set up or to find out more about how we can customise something for you, send us an email or visit out contact us page and fill in the details to see how we can help. In the meantime we have included some pictures from the day below.

Enjoy! Xx


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