Bridesmaids and Champagne

When a bride to be says she wants to go all out to ask her bridesmaids, we know its going to be a fun task! The beautiful Amy did exactly this and let us have free reign on the design of the space.

Needless to say Amy's friends were overwhelmed when they turned up to what they thought was a low key catch up, but instead were treated to an afternoon they wont forget. Each bridesmaid found a rose, personalised coaster and crystal placed on each of their plates as a special personal touch. A sea of greenery mixed with an array of beautiful pink and blush florals cascaded across the table with hints of gold throughout the decorations.

Shell chandeliers delicately hung above the table (until the gale force wind came along and gave them a bit of a hammering). However we can confirm these bad boys are strong as they held up a treat and with the help of some strong reinforcement didn't fall!

Luckily the wind died down by the time the girls arrived and they got to enjoy a beautiful afternoon filled with laughs, champagne and delicious treats baked by Amy (another lovely personal touch the bride included).

If you have a special occasion coming up and want to create something epic to celebrate, get in touch with us via or visit our contact us page to fill out your information. In the meantime here are some images of the day.

Enjoy! Xx

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